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Hang in there for a little bit while I set myself up. I will be writing all about my business endeavours in this particular folder. These may include music equipment, camera and sound equipment, (opinion) money advice and so forth. This type of stuff can be quite boring so I aim to spice things up a bit. I’ll be writing from my experience but also branching out to other entrepreneurs and business minded people to hear their stories and advice. It will be a great spot!

I am also keen on introducing a podcast/vlogcast in this section so stay tuned for that.


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Robert Bride’s frustration with unreliable tradesmen when he was renovating his Wallsend home was the catalyst to develop the Trusty Trady mobile app. As a first time entrepreneur, Bride hopes to tap into the $173 Billion a year Australian construction industry.

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Born to perform, living life in my best way, travelling and touring.

I've been performing full-time for six years across Australia. AND, I have incorporated two tours to Canada & New Zealand. Ambitious to cross off all the countries on my bucket list.

I created SAMI as a way to not only share my music and life with you all but to inspire and share everything that I have learnt along the way. I hope you get something out of it.

Come say hey at a gig somewhere across the world. I would love to meet you.