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When people are on a hunt for 'tree-mendous' information about your club, what do they find so far? Are you confindent that in amongst this jungle of information on the world-wide web, people will still find everything they need on your site, and most importantly, will they stay and join? 


Your website is one of the first things people see, so it is important to make it the best it can be. When you go through Member Jungle, we work with you to set up the site the way you like it then, after some training, it's over to you to tweak and finalise. This is a fun step however, if you don't really know much about website design, you may go a little bananas. 

Over loading your site with too much information, too many pictures, wrong colouring, strange text alignment and inconsistent fonts, is more than enough to turn people away for good. The design of your website can be the ultimating factor as to why someone trusts or distrusts your club.

Here is a little check list that you can follow and get inspiration from when your site is handed over to you. 


When you set up your website, you can choose how you want your site to be set up. Some people like to include content on their homepage and others keep that seperate in secondary pages like 'About Us' and 'Learn More'. Wherever you put your content, you want to ensure that it's written to suit your club's personality, while still communicating all the important information needed to the reader. 


I don't know about you, but I use my phone almost double the amount I use my computer. When I am looking through websites, I come across a large number that still won't fit perfectly on my mobile screen and have issues when I want to click on links or scroll through the page. This is due to it not being mobile responsive. Want to know something GREAT!? With Member Jungle, we not only create a perfectly mobile responsive website for you but you get the Member Jungle Mobile App. Find out more here: Membership Mobile App to Manage and Communicate With Your Members


It is so important to have everything layed out clear and simple. There is nothing worse when you're trying to find something and you just can't because there is too much information and distractions around on the site. Remember, it doesn't matter how great your site is, it's all void if people can't find their way around it. 


Making your site easy to scan will help people find exactly what they're after, such as a person wanting to sign up as a member. Planning out your site is a great way to structure what is most important and what is less. 


Through the Member Jungle Membership Management Software, once you get your website, there are a number of things you can do to personalise your website. Using Quicklinks and Content Blocks, you can engage your audience as they need to click on those links to be taken to the desired content. This ties in with #3 as it's a great way to declutter. Read More about ALL Content Blocks & Quicklinks


Don't be afraid of space on your site. Things can get cluttered very easily so having that bit of space in between elements, makes it more inviting and less 'in-your-face'. It gives your site a sense of balance and enables the person to easily read. This space can include space, margins, images, etc. 

These are just a few things that we believe will help you get started with designing a nice, professional website. The most important thing is, your site plan needs to be centered around your audience. 

Working with Member Jungle, we'll get you started and are always here if you need help but the personality of your site is up to you. 

Sami Cooke