Green Ponds announces renovations at Yadley Park and Barnes Park

To view a sample of my work  from my first assessment earlier in my Professional Editing and Writing course, click below. Here is a media release I wrote in the first study period about new funding for playground equipment. 


Green Ponds announces renovations at Yadley Park and Barnes Park
By Sami Cooke

Green Ponds Municipal Council have received numerous complaints from concerned people in the community over the past year regarding safety of children play equipment in the two largest parks in the Green Ponds area; Yadley Park and Barnes Park.

Due to these safety complaints, investigations were conducted on the quality of the equipment at both parks, leading to serious concerns regarding the safety of children using non-compliant equipment. It was discovered that the equipment was no longer compliant with Australian Safety Standards.

Green Ponds Municipal Council proudly announced today that they have secured funding for a program to install new equipment to upgrade playground facilities at Yardley Park and Barnes Park Green Ponds Municipal Council General Manager Ms Sue Gates, proudly announced today that renovations on the two parks will be funded with a budget of $350,000.

The Green Ponds Municipal Council are extremely pleased that children will again be safe to play on their favourite equipment once more at Yadley Park and Barnes Park.

For more information about the construction of the parks and dates, or you would like to become a sponsor, visit the council’s website at or call the Admin Office during business hours on 02 6382 3076.

Sami Cooke