Date: Monday 8th October 2018

By Sami

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In this new age, digital marketing seems to be just as good, if not better, than direct mail and word of mouth. With thousands upon thousands of social media users accessing the sites each day, there is so much potential to advertise your club across those platforms. However, does it reach the specific audience you want? Using the Member Jungle Membership Management Software, we can help you organise your club, so with all your spare time that you are given, you can now focus on expanding your members and your club.

Since 2013, Facebook has taken up the act of advertising after creating partnerships with data brokers including Datalogix, Acxiom and Epsilon. These companies have access to trillions of data transactions each year, allowing Facebook to know everything digital about each individual that spends their time online. With GPS tracking on every device now, the technological advancements used for businesses to advertise online has only expanded and will continue to. Have you noticed how you can come home from being at a restaurant and Facebook sends you a request to review the restaurant; even if you weren’t on your phone? It is pretty creepy in a way, however from an advertising perspective, it’s amazing! This gives businesses the power to scrap their old contact list and advertise to a large range of audiences.


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How do you advertise your club at the moment? How do you attract new members? What do you find is most successful?

During the development of the 2018 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, many association professionals were asked those questions by Marketing General Incorporated. The results from that study show that the top three ways to get new members are:

  • Word-of-mouth recommendations

  • Email

  • Promotion to/at your own conferences/trade shows

During this study, many associations stated that digital marketing is one of the most effective channels for acquiring new members. They also noticed that Facebook advertising, AdRoll and Google are the most effective methods.


According to the Social Media Statistics Australia - April 2018, Facebook is still the number one form of social media with 15,000,000 monthly active Australian users. This alarming figure is rapidly growing! If you are aiming to build up your club with people that should be part of it, then it doesn’t hurt to give paid advertising a go. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg as you can set a budget and stick to that.


Read this blog for more information and tips about social media usage: TOP TIPS TO BECOME A SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT


You don’t have to completely scrap the old methods as they still work- just in a different way. Traditional marketing platforms such as a radio advertisement, newspaper advertisement or even a mail out are still effective forms of advertising. These methods are brilliant when targeting a smaller, local audience.

One of the biggest differences between the two marketing techniques, besides audience reach is that your audience can choose how they want to receive your content. While one person may love reading your blog posts, another person may enjoy watching a YouTube video. Traditional marketing doesn't give the audience a choice and majority of us hate receiving junk mail or getting telemarketing phone calls. When people are online, they can choose whether or not to look at that specific advertisement. 

That's a little bit of information for you about how digital marketing is exploding across the globe, and importantly, stats about why you should be apart of that explosion. Read through the related blogs I included in the post to get even more detail about this topic. Rather than taking the all or nothing approach when it comes to marketing, try a little bit of each to further reach your targeted audience and enhance your club’s appearance.

All the best and thank you for choosing Member Jungle’s Membership Management Software!

Sami Cooke