Characterisation: This involves writing a description of a fictional character. This could be a character from the short story you developed in the module or another character from your imagination. Describe things like the person’s background, looks, personality, motivations, relationships and preferences. Use at least one literary device in your characterisation. 
Word length: 300 words

As I peered over the bridge and across the creek, my eyes became fixated on a man. He stood tall with his back to me as he slipped off his maroon t-shirt from his sculpted body, revealing a large Maori tattoo swept across the left side of his torso. It connected to his whale bone fish-hook necklace that was hanging around his neck showing his New Zealand culture. His tousled hair was as dark as the shadows of twilight, emphasizing his sun-kissed skin. He had recently been in the creek as his body glistered in the sun light while streams of water made their way down his muscular back.
Now wearing only damp greyish jeans and a built watch on his wrist, he slowly turned around making me feel as if I was day dreaming. His face was ageless, giving me the impression that he was around 22 years old. His strong chin and shapely eyebrows allowed his dark emerald green eyes to sit flawlessly above his nose. Everything on his face led me to look at his eyes. He gave a cheeky smile, releasing his deep dimples, when he released I was spying on him.
As I approached him from the bridge, he walked my direction. For the longest seconds of my life, we stood in front of each other, eyes searching with excitement, faces bright with anticipation to who would speak the first word. His voice was kind when he said; ‘Hello’. Deep in conversation together, I found out that he loves to surf and during the day he works as a builder. When discussing the topic of life and the future, his eyes lit up with ambition and optimism as he explained his big plans for his future incorporating his love of traveling the world. He let me know that he is single at the moment but said how much he wants children of his own as he comes from a big family. He was very sweet.

Sami Cooke