Sami Cooke touring

Sami's New Bus (Click here to read the newspaper article)

ON TOUR: Local singer-songwriter Sami Cooke returned home to pick up her new tour bus which will head west when she tours the north west of the state.

Local singer-songwriter Sami Cooke regularly tours the country to perform but travel will come a little easier now that she officially has her own tour bus.

The 19-year-old purchased the mini bus in June in time for her inland NSW tour that lasted five weeks and covered nine country towns, including Mildura, Broken Hill and White Cliffs.

It’s equipped with a bed, fridge, microwave and storage for her music equipment - everything Sami said she needs.

“It’s so comfy and fun to be in,” she said.

But the finishing touch came just recently when Sami’s name was finally added to the exterior.

“What better way to advertise than with a moving billboard… it’s not hard to spot it,” she said.

Sami said the new bus was a lot more convenient than her previous pop-top camper trailer, which she used to trek around the countryside in.

And the tour team is about to venture out on many more journeys with Sami booking in two more tours out west for 2016.

“We’re going to go to Bourke and Lightning Ridge this time,” Sami said.

She said she loved her recent tour, describing the trip as amazing.

“I learnt all about the mines and the opals at White Cliffs,” she said.

Sami also performed for School of the Air - a distance education centre in Broken Hill for geographically isolated students.

“For them it’s 70 kilometres to the nearest petrol station, it just seems so crazy to us but that’s their life,” Sami said.

Sami enjoyed the experience so much she’s making a documentary of the historic sites she’s visited and chronicling town highlights, including her music shows.

And Sami’s tours are not confined to Australian shores either, with the teenager excitingly planning a New Zealand tour in March next year and a six-week tour of Canada next June.

“We’re hunting for a bus over there and we’ve started booking,” she said.

Her Canadian tour will include a trip to the Calgary Festival, the second biggest country music festival in the world.