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 Sami’s third music clip awaits release

Come February 9, local country singer/songwriter Sami Cooke will be celebrating more than just her 19th birthday.

It will also be the day her third music film clip Still Searching from her debut album will be released on YouTube and the Country Music Channel.

The clip - filmed in November by local Dean Kinlyside at Neon Media - was shot in various areas around town, such as Carrington Park, the Millard Centre and the Young Railway Station.

It will join her two previous videos Click of Her Fingers and Every Passing Minute that were released in February and October last year respectively.

Still Searching is Sami’s anti-bullying song about teenage suicide and a cause close to her heart.

It’s the same song that was ranked number 10 in Australia for its lyrics - judged by the Australian Songwriters Association - when it was first released at the end of 2013. 

“I know the effects bullying can have on a person,” she said.

“It almost stopped me singing. I’ve heard so many people have come out of music [because of it].”

Sami said her music has given her self  confidence.

“Even now I get people telling me I can’t sing. It’s my full time job and I have the confidence now,” she said.

“Everyone’s always going to have an opinion.”

The teenager also has a history of standing up to bullying, hosting anti-bullying programs in local primary schools.

“I spoke to them about my experiences, I sang a few songs. We had them up dancing together and it equalised everyone in the room,” Sami said.

Though now residing in Canberra, Sami will return to her hometown in March to perform in the Sami and Johnny Cash Show.

The show will include a band from Canberra and local man Michael Croke who will take care of the sound and lighting.