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Snowboarding in Thredbo

Taking my first step out of the car in the Thredbo resort, it was pure magic to look up at the heavy white clouds and watch the delicate snow flakes fall. I don’t think we could have raced across the car park to the check in area quick enough!

More people than you can imagine have never experienced the rush of making their way to the white mountain; bodies covered from head to toe in layers of clothes, feet in bulky boots, snowboard on their hip. The exhilaration you get when the snowboard is strapped onto your feet and you take your first ride. It’s a feeling like no other.

What Is Thredbo?
Thredbo is an alpine village and ski resort in the Snowy Mountains of southeastern Australia. Thredbo offers the best skiing and snowboarding in Australia. The mountain is perfect for all ages and ability. Beginners will love the purpose built area designed to progress skills in a safe environment. Intermediates can enjoy Australia’s longest runs and the wide variety of terrain on offer. The Advanced will find endless on and off piste challenges, powder bowls and natural features.

Our First Day in Thredbo
My partner Alec and I went with our close friends Jesse and Tehla to celebrate Alec’s 23rd birthday. Myself and Tehla had never been snowboarding before but the boys went the year earlier so they were very confident! Te and I started the first day with lessons to learn how to stand up and not fall over- well just not as much as we would have without lessons.

Granted, after the first day, we sat around the fire exchanges stories and examining bruises but it was worth it! We were all so tired that we crashed early. That worked well as we all woke up bright and early the next day and quickly prepared ourselves for the new adventure that awaited us on the snow fields.

Sami Cooke and ukulele

Born to perform, living life in my best way, travelling and touring.

I've been performing full-time for six years across Australia. AND, I have incorporated two tours to Canada & New Zealand. Ambitious to cross off all the countries on my bucket list.

I created SAMI as a way to not only share my music and life with you all but to inspire and share everything that I have learnt along the way. I hope you get something out of it.

Come say hey at a gig somewhere across the world. I would love to meet you.


Snowboarding in Thredbo Sami Cooke

A Little Trick
For those who need a little extra hit of confidence, We all started our mornings around 10 am with either a shot of Tequila, Fireball, A Schnapps made in the local brewery Wild Brumby, or a warm Apple Cider. It made us not worry too much about falling over- which is one of the tricks to snowboarding.

Our Second Day in Thredbo
When us girls got the courage on the second day, we caught up with the boys again. They decided that it was time for us to move from the beginners section to the intermediate section by taking a new chairlift up to the top of another mountain. The view was indescribably beautiful. We took it all in over a couple of Steins and over sized pretzels.

There was nothing better than finishing the three days the way it began with snow. It was the perfect time for us to leave- before the roads got too slippery and still watch the snow fall. We have all agreed that every year, we’ll be teaming up and going snow boarding together.

Some Advice
If you have some amazing friends, gather them up, book a motel room together and go snowboarding. It is expensive but if you save up over the year or months then you’ll be fine. The best way to find deals is by booking early. So grab your friends, pack your jacket, gloves and googles, and next year, make your winter a snowy one!