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When I have my two best friends with me, my day is complete.

The one thing that attracted me the most to Newcastle are the beaches. Growing up in the country, it’s incredible to live so close to this much water and sand. Whenever I drive along the coast line to the city, the walking track is always filled with people and their puppies so it’s obvious that I am not the only one who feels this way. The views are spectacular so it’s really nice to be able to share this with my boys; Texta (black & white) and Sunni (wheaten).

When I first moved here, I wasn’t too sure on where my pups were allowed to go so I thought I’d make it a little easier for anyone who wants more information before driving or walking around.

The four of us (Alec included) love the doggy beaches at:
Redhead Beach– This is our go to beach. It is so spread out which makes it great for running along the water. There are always other dogs for the pups to play with and big waves that help tucker them out (Especially Texta). There is also a small lagoon that helps calm them down and wash the sand off before getting back into the van. I’m not kidding when I say that they sleep well that night.
Horseshoe Beach– This is the only beach in the Newcastle city that allows your pups to run free off a leash. When we come here, my boys will disappear in the water, playing with all the other happy pups for hours. I chill out and only need to get up to throw a stick here and there. Texta is crazy for sticks but usually adopts random kids to throw them to him in the water! Sunni loves other dogs so this is a really good beach for him to mingle.

If you’re interested in more than beaches, then I have included all the parks that are all doggie friendly too.

In Newcastle:
Nesca Park (Just off Bar Beach and Darby Street in Newcastle)
Braye Park Waratah (Timed- Sunrise to 9am then 5pm to sunset)
Carrington Foreshore
King Edward Park Newcastle– This is a great place! I love walking the dogs along the paths, grab a coffee then head over to the off leash section.
Islington Park
Maryland Drive Reserve
* Elermore Vale Park (Timed- Sunrise to 9am then 5pm to sunset)
Dixon Park Reserve Mereweather (Timed- Sunrise to 9am then 5pm to sunset)
Acacia Avenue Reserve in North Lambton
Upper Reserve Wallsend
Michael St Reserve Lambton
Ballast Ground and Pitt Street Reserve – Stockton Dog Parks – My uncle and cousins took us to both of these parks not too long ago. They’re right on the water and have plenty  of space to run around so perfect for the puppies.
* Purdue Park Mayfield
Tarro Recreation Area

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In Lake Macquarie:
I live in Lake Macquarie and take the puppies for walks along the water all the time. Lake Macquarie is very well designed for fitness and pets, with parks all along the water front, walking tracks and specially designed areas for the dogs to run wild. A few are:
Speers Point and on to Warners Bay (This walking track follows the Lake almost right around. It’s perfect for sight seeing while walking the dogs and stopping along the way to let them play. I take my boys here all the time.
Thomas H Halton Park & Croudace Bay Park
Booragul Foreshore Reserve

I think it’s really wonderful to have so many areas for the pups to run and I believe it’s important to continue opening up more animal friendly areas. As long as the owners take responsibility for their dogs; have control of their pups, make sure they’re friendly with other dogs before letting them off the leash and pick up after them, then there wont be any issue. I know that personally my pups encourage me to stay fit as I want to walk them to keep them happy and I know a lot of people are in the same situation.

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I hope this helps you all! Now, get your buddies and head off to your closest dog beach or park and have some fun!!

APRIL 17, 2018

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